Utilities scrap processing at Alpert & Alpert


Alpert & Alpert Iron & Metal, Inc.’s processing yard in Long Beach, CA was designed specifically for the unique salvage equipment and environmentally-sensitive materials generated by utilities. All work areas where Transformers and Oil Filled Electrical Equipment (T&OFEE) are handled has been covered with concrete and coated with an impermeable epoxy. While most work areas are indoors, equipment too large for our 100,000 square foot warehouse is processed on our reinforced pad where we can dismantle units weighing up to 150,000 pounds.

All trucks entering this facility must pass through our radiation monitors and loads are visually inspected for oil, mercury devices, universal wastes, and other items that may not be recyclable or require special handling. If radioactive materials are found we have the capability of evaluating specific radionuclides to determine the potential threat to health and safety and the appropriate disposition method.

Environmental stewardship is the most important service we provide our utility customers as we are the last line of defense in preventing hazardous materials from entering the recycling stream or contaminating our landfills.