Stainless Steel & High Temperature Alloys

Blending the Past into the Future

Alpert & Alpert buys, processes and markets a wide variety of stainless steels, high-temperature alloys, Ni/Cr/Mo/Fe alloys, cobalt alloys, cupronickels, monels, titaniums and many other nickel and non-nickel based scrap items. Our experienced sorters and technical ability enables us to identify and market all grades of material including vacuum, air-melt, and refinery grade solids and turnings.

We are a key producer of various custom blends of nickel alloy turnings. Our methods of receiving, processing and analyzing incoming lots utilize the latest in scientific technology and are open and transparent to all suppliers and consumers of our products. We crush, analyze and blend stainless steel and nickel alloy turnings to any specific chemistry. Our proprietary software and equipment allows us to satisfy our consumers’ need for recycled material, which meets a guaranteed chemistry. Learn more about our custom blended nickel alloy turnings.

Over the last fifty years as a direct mill supplier to the world’s largest consumers of these alloys, we have developed relationships securing our position as a leader in the scrap metal industry.