Core Values


  • Act responsibly, openly and honestly
  • Lead by example and focus on always doing the right thing
  • Let our actions speak for who we are and what we value


  • Act with respect, kindness and humility, treating others as we desire to be treated
  • Communicate openly and transparently
  • Celebrate success, pausing to acknowledge strong performance and results


  • Take ownership in everything we do
  • Commit to do what we say we will do
  • Work with urgency and commitment, delivering results timely
  • Take responsibility for problems and find solutions


  • Value teamwork and recognize that teams accomplish more than individuals
  • Work together in a unified effort to achieve company objectives
  • Seek out and listen carefully to input and ideas of employees, customers and suppliers, not avoiding any difficult issues
  • Set our self-interest aside to do what is best for the company

Continuous Improvement and Development

  • Open to new ideas and creative solutions
  • Biased toward action and delivering results
  • Consistently questioning the status quo to identify improved approaches
  • Seeking out and providing opportunities for employees to develop and succeed